Cocina en armonia con Cuisinale Mallorca de Santanyi

CHROMATIC HARMONY The model Torino is characterized by its well-balanced color harmony. Together with the magnolia-colored doors of the shelf rack, the frame in solid oak and the panels in tobacco-colored oak veneer create a welcoming atmosphere. The warm, earthy tones are delicately rounded off by the cream-colored fronts.


Cocinas marmol y madera en Santanyi Cuisinale Mallorca

MARBLE AND WOOD With muntin-bar glazing on the wall units, finely crafted frame fronts and black marble surroundings, Palladio creates a stylish and at the same time comfortable ambience. The fronts in antique white solid oak wood are harmoniously framed by profiled columnar side panels and profiles.


Cocina rústica Cuisinale Santanyi Mallorca

RUSTIC HIGH GLOSS In this kitchen, the classic country-house style presents itself in its most appealing form. The design of the finely profiled frame fronts is continued discreetly in the profile, while the surfaces shine in polished high gloss lacquer. The functional island works both as a kitchen sideboard and bar counter.


Cocina minimalista Cuisinale Santanyi Mallorca

MINIMALISTIC BALANCE The unique flair of the model Junior can be experienced through its composition “as if from a single mold”. Harmonious, flowing, perfectly designed and with surfaces made of heavy-duty laminate, this kitchen is characterized by balanced proportions and a minimalistic visual vocabulary.


Cocina elegante blanco y negro Cuisinale Santanyi Mallorca

ELEGANT SPACE Glass fronts and strong contrasts characterize the design of Vaso. The vertical lines of the white wall units meet the dominant black of the back wall and worktop, which is continued in the kitchen island. The recessed niche creates space for the elegant presentation of objects.


Cocina metálica Santanyi Mallorca

CRAFT AND METALLIC TONES The Metal-X² kitchen captivates with a spatula-applied layer of metal: metal extracted from nature is ground, liquefied and then applied manually. The resulting structures make each individual element unique. Completely handcrafted.

Opaco supermatt anthracite

Modelo cocina Allmilmö

MINIMALISTIC, LINEAR AND AESTHETIC Creating a high-quality kitchen is actually no different to cooking a first-rate meal: You take optimal materials or ingredients and process them at the highest level with a great degree of passion. The result: The innovative “Opaco” surface remains absolutely free of fingerprints and any patina. A truly exceptional kitchen – […]

Riva Manico

Cocina blanco laminado con Allmilmö en Santanyi Cuisinale Mallorca

GENTLE, CALM AND BALANCED Riva Manico creates a pleasantly harmonious atmosphere through the perfect alignment of its look and feel. The sand oak decor with synchronous pores creates a feeling of warmth and comfort by imitating the wood’s grain pattern. A kitchen that elegantly combines authenticity and natural ambience. The integrated metal handles provide a […]

Linea Smart

Cocina blanco laminado con Allmilmö en Santanyi Cuisinale Mallorca

TIMELESS DESIGN AND PURIST AESTHETIC The continuous lines define the framework for a kitchen architecture that impresses with simplicity: continuously handleless and with a high level of perfection in the details. All surfaces, fronts, worktops, side panels and the recess above the worktop are made of heavy-duty laminate in the same color. A clear statement […]

Spatola Smart

Cocina naturaleza y textura Allmilmö Mallorca

CRAFTSMANSHIP, FINE MATERIALS AND PRECISE CLEAN LINES The special thing about Spatola Smart is the skillful way how it is created. The fronts and side panels are coated with genuine fine concrete and then carefully sanded. In the final processing step, the surfaces are sealed to make them suitable for use in the kitchen. Therefore, […]