Novara N3


THE MASTERPIECE With a sculpted mineral surface, which creates a perfect groove, you have to look twice to make sure we are dealing with a functional piece. Its shapes evoke a monument or a work of art with a pure and beautiful design. Its floating side cabinets exhibit technique and architecture, a flash of elegance […]

Novara N2

Cocinas Novara en Cuisinale Mallorca Santanyi

LUXURY AND MINIMALISM Its characteristic skirted finish gives strength to the whole, generating a homogeneous, practical and functional block. Its minimalist design generates trends and desire. Novara N2 is total freedom, with hundreds of finishes, special sizes and cooking systems for every taste.

Novara N1

Cocinas para terrazas y exteriores en Cuisinale Mallorca

FUNCTIONAL BEAUTY N1 is conceived with a minimalist design and focused on the essentials. The cooking options are multiple; You can choose a gas barbecue, or charcoal, and also include a gas wok that is fully integrated into the worktop. The fine lines that frame the whole system radiate minimalism to highlight the betas of […]