interior design

Great attention to design and ergonomics. We help your interiors speak about you.

For almost eight decades, Leolux has been choosing the evolutionary route. Quiet, steady but purposeful innovation and growth.

A dynamic family business with a long history and a keen eye for design and the future. Leolux has been producing all its furniture in Venlo since 1934.

Meet Roderick and Claire Vos

As Pode’s art directors, Claire and Roderick Vos represent the DNA of the brand. That goes far beyond simply putting the collection together. “Our designs shouldn’t be overwhelming. Instead, they should inspire our customers to discover their own style.”

In today’s fast-moving world, our daily lives are defined by frenetic activity, stress and constant accessibility. This makes it all even more important for us to have a place where we can retreat, rest and disconnect.

A place that provides not only the highest level of comfort, but also technical features that allow for still more relaxation. It is not only comfort, but also design and superior quality that play a decisive role here.

The principle yesterday and today: perfection.